Haley & Aldrich, an environmental and engineering consulting company, recognizes that environmental health & safety (EHS) management is complex and high-pressure. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated that pressure and many EHS leaders are now aware that their preparedness, including their business continuity plans (BCPs), were not as rock-solid as they previously thought. Many EHS leaders are now working closely with the C-suite, leading their organizations through the pandemic. With that new prominent voice, now is the time to ensure your EHS department is ready to carry your organization through the next, inevitable upheaval.

When collaborating with you to plan for the future, Haley & Aldrich’s EHS strategy and management experts take a full-system view of your operations, rather than focus on a single problem. We understand that environmental, safety, and operational standards are symbiotic and need to complement one another. We recommend strategies and solutions only once we fully and deeply understand how they’ll impact your business in the long term. This approach allows us to mitigate today’s EHS challenges and eliminate tomorrow’s uncertainties.

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Danyle Hepler, CSP, CESCO, CPEA
Corporate Health and Safety Manager

Denny Lerch, P.E.
Service Leader, EHS Compliance and Sustainability


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